Friday, December 02, 2005

Hello all, this is the elusive Bella popping by for a quick chat about the Goblet of Fire which my poor, dear Enelya was not able to see.

I arrived four hours early and bought tickets, grabbed a blanket and some ice cream, and seated myself on the freezing cold concrete...the first in line. I wore my 'Snape/Alan Rickman/Slytherin' shirt and happily engaged in an arguement with several people over him. All of them were triumphantly defeated. Thirty to forty minutes before the showing, the employees let us in, needless to say, I got the best seat in the house. Right under the projector, one row down from the top, dab smack in the middle. To amuse myself, I started a game called, "Insert the name Malfoy in every commercial you see" and succeeded in annoying all of the Gryffindors. Bwaha. My favorites were, "Tag and ID your Malfoy today!" and "Malfoy: It's what we do." The person next to me remarked how refreshing it was to find fellow Malfoy fans, I smiled and nodded politely as he smelt of stale beer and sweat. He then went on to remark how Voldemort seemed to be actually quite a nice fellow deep down. At this point I began edge away, sure he would be suddenly strucken down by green light. Ah well, enough with this idle prattle, how was the show? Unfortunately, they were having some trouble with the projector and we had to wait yet another forty minutes, finally, they got it going and the movie commenced. My first impressions were, wait a minute, did that happen in the book? But, subduing my inner canon Nazi, I did enjoy the show. Fleur was not to my expectations of a Veela however, and Cho was pathetic. Moody's eye was atrocious. Avada Kedavra was severely messed up, and the Death Eaters (of which I consider myself a faithful member), were not as they were supposed to be. In any case, I hated it and loved it all at once. This is Belladonna Veneficus signing off!



Blogger Bellenelya said...

Well, my dear Bella, you've succeeded in seeing something faulous. I envy you. A lot. Anyway, Bella rocks!
~Enelya Linde

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